Masonry & Structural Enhancements

Our team is skilled at performing a variety of Masonry Repairs including Masonry & Structural Enhancements and structural improvements to deteriorating heating systems, whether the job calls for:

Gas Flue Lining/Relining

UL Listed Stainless Steel Chimney Lining/Relining System Installation

Brand New Fireplace & Masonry Chimney Construction

Installation of Double Wall Metalbestos Stack Pipe & Heavy Gauge Single Wall

Detailed System Evaluation & Condition Report


Masonry & Structural Enhancements
Masonry & Structural Enhancements

U.S. Chimney Corporation offers a full scope of services to residents of Brooklyn, NY, Long Island, NY, and Queens, NY in need of chimney cleaning, maintenance, and repair. We employ only highly trained and knowledgeable technicians, dedicated to delivering expert cleaning and repairs, as well as unparalleled customer service. Our staff stands behind each of the jobs we complete.

U.S. Chimney offers chimney cleaning, maintenance, and repair services. We believe your search for quality chimney contractors will end with us. We’re committed to completing cleanings and repairs with skill and expertise, effectively meeting our customers’ needs the first time around. Follow us on Facebook.

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