Water Seepage & Draft Problems

In addition to cleaning, we also complete a number of waterproofing services to prevent seepage and render any leaks fixed such as Water Seepage & Draft Problems. We also provide corrective services for smoking and draft problems to prevent smoke from drifting into your home via your fireplace or woodstove. From chimney caps to crown repair, our specialists will deliver the professional attention and upgrades your chimney requires.

Water Seepage & Draft Problems

Water can seep into your basement from a lot of places and for many different reasons. The most common causes of basement water seepage are:

1.) Strong hydrostatic pressure, or water pressure, in the ground under your basement or against the foundation of your property. This is mainly caused by strong and frequent rain, heavy snow melts and clogged rain gutters that dump water against your home. Hydrostatic pressure can also be affected by the type of soil around your home as well as proximity to bodies of water.

2.)Weak foundation walls that are prone to cracking and therefore allow water to leak in.

3.) Failed sump pumps are one of the top causes of water seepage. The purpose of a sump pump is to collect any water that makes its way into the basement and pump it out and away from the property. If this process fails then you are likely to walk into a pool of water in your basement.

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